Water-saving Taps with Hansgrohe EcoSmart

EcoSmart - good for the environment and your wallet

The topics of sustainability and water-saving have never been more popular. Therefore, Hansgrohe has developed technologies to reduce the water consumption of its washbasin and shower taps. Now it's up to you to play your part by making your contribution to your daily routine. Toileting while water-saving is definitely a good decision.

EcoSmart technology can reduce water consumption by up to 60% compared to standard faucets by limiting the flow rate. For example, conventional head showers and hand showers use an average of 9 litres per minute, while washbasin faucets with EcoSmart Technology use an average of only 5 litres per minute. To keep the water jet full and generous, it is enriched with air so that you keep the full comfort.

As your hot water consumption is reduced, your energy consumption is also lowered and less CO2 is emitted. The benefit is twofold: the environment and your wallet will be grateful.

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