According to scientific research, our tap water is just as good as bottled water. So why should you constantly buy new water, store it, collect and take away returnable bottles and not just use the water directly from your faucet? Thanks to Grohe Blue Home in the course of this you do not have to dispense with the bubbling effect. In the future, simply tap cooled (between 6 ° C and 10 ° C), bubbled and filtered drinking water out of your kitchen faucet. The installation is quick and easy and the equipment can be installed in your sink cabinet to save space. You also save space in the stock cabinet, in the fridge and you no longer have to store any returnable bottles.

In addition to saving space, you also help to protect the environment. To produce one liter of bottled water, seven liters of water and plenty of CO2 are consumed. By contrast, Grohe Blue water consumes 61% less CO2. Another advantage is the saving of plastic waste.

With the patented technology from BWT, the water is filtered in five stages and, depending on the filter types, additionally enriched with magnesium. The natural minerals are retained during the filtration process and you receive pure, soft water without pollutants such as chlorine and lead that affect the taste. The filtered water also has a positive effect on tea beverages and coffee: in the pure water, the aroma can develop better and makes your tea or coffee a special taste experience.

The operation of the Grohe Blue is simple and self-explanatory: a LED ring on the handle indicates the carbonate content of the water. Blue stands for still water, turquoise for medium water and green for sparkling water. In addition, the LED ring is used to indicate when it’s time to change the filter. This is indicated by flashing of the display light. The filter capacity is sufficient, depending on the hardness of the water, up to 12 months. For very hard water it is recommended to additionally install a water softener.


simple operation, slim design

saves natural resources and the environment

no heavy carrying of water boxes anymore

fast installation

fast fresh, chilled, filtered and, if desired, bubbled drinking water

available in different design variants

space-saving storage in a conventional 60 cm sink cabinet (cooler is 44 cm deep and with filter and cartidge just 35 cm wide)

easy-care surface with StarLight coating, smooth-running cartridge with SilkMoce technology

included in the starter kit: Grohe Blue cooler, CO2 bottle, S-size filter (later, filters are available in sizes S, M and L), filter head, selected fitting

chrome or stainless-sleel surface (delivery time is longer)


The Grohe Blue systems for drinking water are offered in three different system variants:

Duo variant: one faucet is used for the filtered and the unfiltered water (separate waterways). The water is controlled by a rotary handle on the left side for the filtered and optionally bubbled water and with a lever handle on the right side for the unfiltered water.

Mono version: is particularly suitable if you have already found your favorite kitchen faucet, but do not want to miss the comfort of filtered water. The Grohe Blue Mono faucet is installed in addition to your current faucet and is used only for the filtered water. With its U-shape, it has a simpler design and thus fits discreetly into your kitchen. The starter kit from Blue Mono also already contains all the necessary components.

Pure variant: if you prefer still water, you can decide for Grohe Blue Pure variant. This provides filtered water but has no bubbling function. Also, for tea and coffee drinkers, the mono version is an enrichment and offers the best flavor for your hot drinks. The Pure variant is available in all designs of the fitting and is available as a duo and mono variant.

Another distinction is between Blue Home for the private kitchen and Blue Professional for the office kitchen (of course you can also install the Professional version at home). This one is a bit bigger and you can also use larger filters and CO2 bottles.

For the fittings, included in the starter kit, there are selectable several design options. So, Grohe Blue will always fit the style of your kitchen and your personal taste. For example, the faucets are available with a C-, U- or L- (Blue Minta) spout, the K7 variant has an angular L-spout and is also available with an additional hand shower. The swiveling range of up to 180° makes operation particularly comfortable and the easy-to-use lever is forward-facing and has a knurled structure for better grip. Thus, a safe operation in everyday kitchen life is ensured, too. The two separate water ways for filtered and unfiltered water ensure that no impurities from the unfiltered water get into the drinking water.

In order to make your drinking pleasure also visually visible, you can reach for the noble glass carafes and the water glasses made of crystal glass.

Grohe Blue Duo Grohe Blue Mono
Grohe Blue colours Grohe Blue cooler


Our home is increasingly networked with the digital world and we control many devices with an app. This development does not stop in the kitchen and so from April 2018 the Grohe Blue system with WIFI connectivity is available and can be controlled with the Ondus app. This brings many benefits in the operation of Grohe Blue, such as push notification when the filter or CO2 level is low, automatic or manual re-ordering via the app, viewing of consumption data, connection to a fitness app to the documentation of your personal water consumption. Another advantage is the installation: you do not have to creep into the closet to set up the software, but can do it conveniently via the app. The reset after the filter and CO2 cartridge replacement is done via App, too.

And by the way: if you register your Grohe Blue system in the app, your warranty will be extended for another year.

The app monitors the following system functions and capacities:

filter capacity

CO2 capacity

time of last cleaning

water temperature

stock amount of filters and cartridges (automatic or manual update)

Especially handy is the automatic reordering of filters and CO2 cartridges. The app captures the existing capacity and reminds you automatically when it's time for a reorder. To do this, you only have to activate this function in the app and select, for which article the reordering should be done automatically. After a push message you can choose between the following options: order, recall later or not order. The ordered products will then be sent to you and the stock in the app updated automatically.

Above all, if you always want to keep an eye on your health data, you'll be glad you can siphon off water with the Ondus App. Choose the water type and the tap quantity (three preset or own), press Start and enjoy your freshly tapped water. And best of it: you know exactly how much water you've drunk during the day and can easily transfer that data to your fitness app.


capacity of the filter: change at least every 12 month or when LED indicator lights up

capacity of the CO2 bottle: 425 g bottle results 70 liters of bubbled water, 2 kg bottle results 350 liters; change bottle if pressure indicator is below 3 bar or the water stops bubbling

reordering of filters and CO2 bottles in the Grohe online shop

the replacement of CO2 bottles is done via a refill kit in exchange with your empty bottles:

1. the Grohe starter kit includes one full CO2 bottle

2. also order one starter kit with four CO2 bottles; you now have five bottles and therefore always on full bottle in reserve

3. as soon as four bottles are empty, order a refill set (for a cheaper price than the starter set), you will receive a return slip from Grohe and can send back your empty bottles and get four full ones in exchange

after a long peroíod of non-use (several days), Grohe recommends running at least 4 liters of water, if not used for moe than four weeks, the device should be cleaned with Grohes special bio-clean cleaning fliud and the filter should be replaced


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