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Renovating a home or building a new one is no joke. It is undoubtedly a tedious job, from countless decisions on fittings to the colour of the paint. Especially when we choose every product that goes into each room personally, research and trustable sources act as a helping hand. When it comes to the bathroom, the common product we generally overlook is the shower tray that goes inside a shower unit or under your bathroom shower. Bathroom trays, though insignificant in size, play a significant role in your bathroom shower, saving you money and energy in the long run. They come in various shapes and sizes, and models like deep shower trays prove to be extremely useful for those who need them. 

The primary purpose of a bathroom tray is to prevent water leakage from your shower units. A walk-in shower tray ensures the water flows to the drain only in its intended path and stops it from spilling over to your dry area. This small accessory is designed in such a way that, while you shower, the water is directly sent to the drain saving you the extra effort to clean up every day. Spillage and leakage over a period of time can damage your bathroom, therefore costing you double the money in repairs. 

Besides the benefit of cleanliness, a shower tray adds aesthetic value to your bathroom. A bathroom tray can make your bathroom look visually more extensive 7while occupying the least space. 

At xTWOstore, we have partnered with luxury brands like Duravit, Bette, Geberit, Emco, Ideal Standard, Villeroy & Boch and more to bring the best products to you. These brands promise quality products at affordable prices; hence, we source every product listed on our page directly from the manufacturers. So, make a smart choice by selecting a shower tray that best suits your bathroom shower or shower unit and save yourself from making a costly mistake. 


  •  As we mentioned earlier, the main advantage of a shower tray is that it will keep your bathroom shower leakage free. As a result, your shower units will not get damaged and will last longer. 
  • Another essential advantage to keep in mind while purchasing a shower tray is that it is safe for children and the elderly in the house. Its anti-slip properties will minimise the risk of your children slipping while taking a shower. 
  • Deep shower trays are a unique model that is extremely useful for those who have infants and older adults at home. The deep shower tray comes with seating, therefore proving to be helpful while giving a bath. Deep shower trays come in sizes similar to a standard shower tray and can be easily installed in small bathrooms. 
  • If you wonder if installing a walk-in shower tray means extra cleaning, you're mistaken. They are designed for easy maintenance, as their unique design makes it faster and easier to clean than a traditional bathtub. 
  • Designer brands offer walk-in shower trays and regular shower trays from your shower units at highly affordable prices. Even though installing a shower tray requires planning from the beginning, they prove to be an economical choice. 
  • They come in various shapes and sizes, and endless combinations can be derived. Shower trays are also manufactured in different materials, therefore giving you the option to choose according to your comfort.

With numerous advantages to one small purchase, we hope you make the right choice of shower trays from a wide range of collections only at the xTWOstore.

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