Hansgrohe experience the german mastery of bathroom and kitchen product at xTWOstore

Hansgrohe experience the german mastery of bathroom and kitchen product at xTWOstore



Why just wear designer clothes? Make your home a designer piece with fittings from Hansgrohe. The German brand, which stands for premium quality and design, is here at the xTWOstore to reach all the residents of Singapore. The Hansgrohe Singapore store covers everything you need in intimate spaces like the kitchen and the bathroom. A designer brand that lays focus on every detail, Hansgrohe is the perfect choice for those who love luxury. 

From shower sets, Hansgrohe basin taps, Hansgrohe kitchen taps, Hansgrohe kitchen sink taps, to bathtubs, everything manufactured at Hansgrohe is of top-notch quality. Inspired by the passion for water, Hansgrohe Singapore has tried and tested thousands of taps to finally make the perfect one that balances beauty and performance. 

With an experience of more than a century in the industry, Hansgrohe products are designed to last long, are technology efficient and visually pleasing. Their journey does not stop at providing the best products but continues for a lifetime. Hansgrohe Singapore after purchase service has been one of their best characteristics. 

After all, who doesn’t love a brand with such promising values? If you wish to make your home a space of luxurious comfort, shop from the wide range of Hansgrohe Singapore products on the xTWOstore. 


Your bathroom design is crucial in furnishing your new house or performing a high-quality renovation. The goals of contemporary bathroom design go well beyond purely functional aspects. The emphasis is on performance, aesthetic luxury, cutting-edge technology and sustainability. Browse through our wide selection of goods, including shower sets and Hansgrohe basin taps, to identify the one you require to build your custom spa. The range of designs, materials, and functions will give your bathroom a unique personality. 

The shower set range of Hansgrohe promises indulgence at a minimal cost. A showering experience that will sweep you away, the wide range at xTWOstore includes head shower sets and hand shower sets powered with thermostatic taps. The innovative technology from Hansgrohe not only sets a new benchmark but also ensures sustainable water use, therefore doing its part to protect the environment. 


The kitchen is one room in the house where passion overflows. A place where family and friends get together for a good time, bonding over food. A room that is filled with aromatic spices to mouth-watering dishes. To complete this special room in your home, choose timeless products from Hansgrohe. They are long-lasting, functional and stylish to cope with your cooking experiments and washing up the mess. The Hansgrohe Singapore collection is designed to meet all your personal requirements and is available under one roof at the xTWOstore. 

What are the main things one looks for while shopping for a kitchen? Of course, a tap, a basin and accessories complete the whole look. Starting with the taps, every chore requires a unique tap. Hansgrohe kitchen taps have been designed just to serve every individual purpose. Hansgrohe kitchen sink taps are firm a flexible to serve the purpose of washing dishes. The Hansgrohe kitchen sink taps also come with pull-out options that can reach every corner of your sink, ensuring a clean wash each time. 

The Hansgrohe kitchen tap range also includes the Hansgrohe basin taps specially designed for a smooth hand wash. Up to date with the latest trends and technology, the Hansgrohe basin taps are sleek in design and luxurious in flow, adding more passion to this special room. 

Apart from choosing the right Hansgrohe kitchen sink tap and basin tap, the German brand also provides electronic taps, low-pressure basin taps, and wall-mounted taps to choose from.

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